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we at HESTIA design lab believe that gentleness, curiosity and playfulness are the sparks at the hearth of creative human experiences.

we collaboratively craft solid objects, spaces, services and strategies to fan the flames of change (big and small).

we base our work on a lifetime of artistic practice, academic research in inclusive design, technology and behavior change, and years of real-world experience helping people build better habits in health, equity and sustainability, and food.

we play with fire and we make people feel at home.



"il tagliere"



Michelin-star chef Gianni D'Amato and Acetaia San Giacomo partnered with HESTIA design lab to launch "il Tagliere."

Read more about il Tagliere (anche in italiano, se vuoi...)

Twenty-five, limited edition "il Tagliere" signed by Chef D'Amato are available in the shop, if you like nice things. 


HESTIA design lab was thrilled to be part of the 21st Triennale di Milano.


A prototype of our behavior design concept, aurasano, was showcased as part of the Kitchen Tools installation, in the New Craft exhibit at Fabbrica del Vapore.




A classic boardgame gets a new, tasty twist.


Players explore four unique flavor combinations of dark chocolate and traditional balsamic vinegar.


Gioccolato debuted at MAKEAT in Milan in 2016, and was featured in Il Cucchiaio d'Argento. 

Read More about Gioccolato...

Hi, I'm Hildreth.


Artist by nature, scientist by nurture. I'm a design researcher exploring how to make good design for - and by - everyone. I've been centering belonging, curiosity and play in designs for wellbeing since 2004, across sectors, industries and most recently in research at MIT. I've been lucky to have my designs showcased at the Triennale di Milano, the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Barbican Centre.  Here's my CV. 

At HESTIA design lab, I build systems (environments, services, strategies and objects) that light our fire when it comes to behaviors, using collaborative design methods that prompt us to be our most curious, our most compassionate—our “healthiest,” human selves. 

Shifting behaviors come in lots of shapes and sizes, and I work with individuals and organizations to create space for the double-bind we all find ourselves in when we're trying to make changes in our lives. I've extrapolated my food behavior research into research on the ethical implications of design choices in technology, and how to make design more inclusive.  

HESTIA's goal? Playful designs, healthy habits, happy people. Thanks for stopping by!




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