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old rules...

new tastes


Gioccolato is a new take on the old art of playing with food.


Players must twist and turn the rich cherry wood board to guide dark chocolate marbles through a flavor playground.

The winner has to get each of the chocolate pieces in a balsamic "base" without spilling any of the precious syrup inside.


The reward? Four unique flavor combinations, cooked up in a few moments of simple, tasty fun.



Photo: Tour de Fork

Photo: Tour de Fork

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the story.

Calling to mind the "labyrinth" board games of our childhood, Gioccolato continues HESTIA design lab's research into creating food experiences that feel new and familiar at the same time. The game is a throwback to simpler times. When was the last time you could wile away the hours strategically guiding a small ball through a beautiful maze?

Gioccolato adds taste and texture to this simple entertainment: Players wind dark chocolate spheres from master chocolatier Riccardo Benetti at Solocacao / Casa del Miele through rich cherrywood waves and angles, and land them in one of four delectable bowls of aged Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Reggio Emilia, D.O.P. 



Discover new tastes while rediscovering what it means to lose yourself in the simple pleasures of a game.

The Gioccolato concept was designed for and debuted in May 2016 as part of "MAKEAT," a food design event hosted by TourdeFork​ and Opendot in Milan.



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